Frequently Asked Questions



I’ve noticed a typo in one of your books. Don’t editors edit anymore? Would you like me to contact you with page numbers?


Unfortunately, there are a few typos in my books. It is not the editors’ fault, it’s mine. I find it hard to let go during the editing process which means I often introduce new content after the book has been proof-read. I’m sorry. You can contact the publisher to alert them of any typos if you like, but please don’t contact me. There’s nothing I can do once the book has gone to print, so I prefer to focus on the next book.


I am an aspiring author. Can you mentor me / give me advice / read my manuscript?


I don’t have the capacity to help anyone in a one-on-one fashion. Instead, once a week, I do a post on Instagram called “Writerly Wednesday” where I answer reader queries about writing. Check out the hashtag #writerlywednesday to see my old posts. You are also welcome to ask me any other questions to address on future posts.


If you are looking for more personalised help, I highly recommend The Little Writing School, run by Australian Author Vanessa Carnevale. Check it out on Instagram @thelittlewritingschool


What are your favourite books about writing?


My two favourites are How to Write the Break Out Novel by James Scott Bell and The Plot Whisperer by Martha Alderson.


What advice do you have for other aspiring writers?

Read, read and read some more. It’s a prerequisite. Pay attention to who is doing well in your genre and stalk them until you find out why.





Can you zoom into my book club?


Unfortunately due to time constraints, I am no longer doing bookclub visits




Can I send you a copy of my book for you to promote on social media?


As I’m not an official reviewer, I don’t accept books direct. That said, publishers will often send me books and I do accept those, however I don’t ever guarantee to promote it, because I prefer to choose books that I really loved for my feed, as opposed to reviewing every single book (and I don’t ever review a book that I don’t like - I think authors have a hard enough time without getting bad reviews from other authors).


Can I send you a book / promotional item to give away on Instagram?


Possibly. I try to make sure that any products I give away are in line with what my followers would enjoy. If you are interested in being part of the giveaway program, please email me with details of your product and we can take it from there.

Can I interview you on my Instagram account or for my blog?


All interview requests go via my publicist: Katie Bassel at St. Martin's Press 

I am a book reviewer, can I get an advanced copy of your new book?


All requests of this nature must go via my publicist – Katie Bassel at St. Martin's Press